This post by Anna Waldherr spoke to me at a deep level, causing me significant discomfort as I recognized in myself, the process via which those of us who were abused as children, are laid bare and vulnerable, time and again, to further onslaughts from sexual, emotional and psychological predators. It’s an eloquent post and one I have learned from. I hope you will too.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

Do a search on variations of the title to this piece, and you will be directed to instructions on how to breach the defenses of various video games, and a few posts on breach of contract. Those are not what concern abuse survivors.


Oh, our defenses were most definitely breached. Whatever meager defenses we had as children – whatever protests we made or attempted to make or wanted to make but were too confused and frightened or too young to make – were ignored and overridden as if our bodies, our souls, were the property of someone else.


That is, in fact, how our voices were silenced. Protest was so clearly useless, what would have been the point?

Ongoing Vulnerability

But breach is one of those wounds that keep on giving. Years later, we may tolerate the unexpected groping by an older boy at the beach, the fumblings…

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