I currently struggle, as do a number of my fellow bloggers who write about the topic of abuse, with the desire to ‘come out’, so to speak.

One of the most important criteria for successful blogging is the creation of a very personal identity for readers to connect with and relate to. That means having a face and a name clearly positioned on the page. This is not an ego trip and I’m not chasing ‘numbers’, but I’m absolutely passionate about spreading awareness and reaching out to those who are still suffering from the long-standing effects of verbal and emotional abuse, as well as those who have escaped their abusive situation and are still drowning in a sea of confusion. I’m unable, at this point, to even share my writing with my facebook friends, because they will …quite simply…know who I am, and therefore, recognize my abuser. God forbid that he should be exposed. And so…one of the most effective means of spreading the word – social networking – is unable to be accessed. I can be sued, pure and simple, for telling the truth.

And so, I find myself silenced yet again; and am experiencing all the fury and frustration I went through while being silenced by my abuser. I am rendered voiceless. Unable to be heard; prevented from being me; stopped from being real about my own reality; repressed and suppressed; blocked from making a difference in people’s lives. Why?

Because of the law.

The laws surrounding libel and slander are murky at best, and strike fear into the hearts of writers the world over. The advent of the internet has opened this Pandora’s box even  wider; so wide, in fact, that many of us are afraid to move the pen across the page, or our fingers across the keyboard, lest we offend those who have never experienced a moment’s qualm about offending us to the very core.

Where does it all end? In the too-hard basket, perhaps? That would definitely play into the hands of our abusers. So, what next?

I’m unsure…except that I’m determined to find a way around this particular obstacle…this thorn in my side…this potential arrow in the hands of my abuser. He will not ‘win’. Evil will not have its way.

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” British politician, Sir Edmund Burke

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” British philosopher, John Stuart Mill.

This requires a courageous, collective effort. That is, TRUE JUSTICE requires a courageous, collective effort.

I’m considering including a strong disclaimer on my blog…and possibly for every post. That is, something that reads along the lines of: ‘All entries in this blog are the subjective view of the writer; my phenomenological experience; my personal opinion; my unique interpretation of events and people.’ Accompanied by my legal name and my photograph. I then propose sharing it publicly.

Your thoughts, fellow bloggers and followers?