It seems every time I open my mouth about the current American political situation I am inundated with abuse of one kind or another. However, given the nature of my own blog, it would be entirely remiss of me to not share what I believe is an excellent blog post that highlights the culture of oppression towards women that underpins societies all around the world. The fact that one of the US candidates flagrantly employs those very tactics of denigration, humiliation and subjugation towards women will lead to what can only be a return to 50’s style thinking. It will turn the efforts of suffragettes into a travesty. Read on. Feel free to comment but please keep it respectful. And also please understand that my objection to Donald Trump does not mean my support of Hillary. That’s not what this post is about.

Drifting Through


Dear Mr. Trump… can I call you Mr. Trump? Is that ok? I want you to be happy, that’s very important to me.

Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women.

We see right through you. We have all known you at some point. Your ways are not unfamiliar to us. We see through you because we’ve been dealing with you our whole lives.

We heard you call women pigs. And disgusting. And stupid. And bimbos.

We watched as you called a former Ms. Universe “Ms. Piggy” and then spent four days continuing to insult her.

We see your weakness. Your lust for attention at any cost, your need to denigrate women. We see all of it. And we’re mad.

Yes. We’re mad. And fired up. And here’s the thing about us……

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